Muslim Congresswoman Meets Trump’s Warlike Stance with Peace

   On November 6, the Americans who live in Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District did something that puts them in a difficult position with regard to the President of the United States: they elected a person who meets his criteria for categorical exclusion from American territory to represent them in America’s Congress.    Trump’s response to... Continue Reading →

Let’s Deliver Trump from Pharaoh’s Fate

   Someone on the Christian Right should read the Book of Exodus to Donald Trump before he cements his connection to Pharaoh by sending his army out to bring back all those slaves  — someone who can help him understand that Pharaoh is the loser in that story.    Ideally, someone on the Christian Left... Continue Reading →

Forced to Sit with People Who Are Wrong

     Millions of people, including many Christians, will see the incoherent Christian response to Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh as yet another reason to abandon the Christian project altogether. I feel that way myself sometimes, and I’m a Christian seminarian.    Her most enduring memory is the laughter of those boys. In every... Continue Reading →

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